Available 24/7 for international and medical flights

Commercial Stretcher

The commercial airline medical stretcher offered by Ashoka Rescue provides a vital solution for patients requiring medical transportation. This service enables patients to fly on commercial airlines while remaining on a stretcher throughout their journey. Major airlines often offer this option on select flights, essentially providing a commercial stretcher. Our stretcher fitting involves meticulous preparation by our team in collaboration with airport operations staff. 

The process of Commercial stretcher typically involves removing rows of seats to accommodate the stretcher and ensure there is ample room for both medical equipment and personnel. Once the stretcher is securely positioned, our experienced medical transport assistants and nurses carefully transfer the patient onto it. During this process, we ensure that all necessary medical equipment, including vital monitoring devices, IV lines, and oxygen tanks, are securely positioned and readily accessible. Throughout the flight, our dedicated medical team provides continuous monitoring, care, and support to the patient.

Charter Air Ambulance

Charter air ambulance services provide critical medical transportation for patients who require immediate medical transportation on a chartered plane for domestic and international travel. These services typically involve a dedicated team, including doctors, nurses, and paramedics, who accompany the patient throughout their journey to ensure their safety and medical care on board.

Ashoka Rescue offers a range of aircraft options including C90, B200, Plautus and Jet Citation, depending on the distance to be traveled, and the budget one can choose from the variety of options available. 

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Business Class Assistance

Business class medical assistance typically refers to the medical transportation in an airline business class that provides medical assistance for the patient on board. This service is designed to offer a more comfortable and convenient travel experience while being assisted by a doctor or a nurse with required medical equipment and oxygen. Business class passengers often have dedicated check-in counters or priority lanes to expedite the check-in process. 

Medical Tourism

Ashoka Rescue Medical Transports specializes in facilitating medical tourism for patients seeking major medical procedures in India. Our services cater to patients traveling for critical surgeries and treatments such as lung transplants, liver transplants, kidney transplants, cancer treatments, and joint replacements. We ensure that patients receive care at the best hospitals under the supervision of top consultants and specialists.reatment, organ transplantation, and wellness and preventive care.

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Road Ambulance

Ashoka Rescue Medical Transports offers non-emergency ambulance services at international airports worldwide, facilitating the pickup and drop-off of repatriating patients via commercial airlines, including Business class, stretcher, and air ambulance travel options. We adhere to international standards, providing pre-booked services staffed by qualified ambulance professionals, including critical care doctors, respiratory physicians, registered nurses (RN), paramedics, and advanced-level Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) as per the patient's requirements. Through our extensive network of ambulance providers worldwide, we ensure seamless coordination and reliable services.

Train Ambulance

Ashoka Rescue Medical Transports offers patient transportation services through Train Ambulance, providing a comprehensive bed-to-bed service inclusive of advanced life care ambulances, ICU equipment and a specialized medical team.

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Ashoka Rescue Medical Escort

Ashoka Rescue Medical Escort specializes in providing non-emergency medical patient transport services via commercial aircraft. Our team comprises skilled medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, and paramedics, who deliver tailored care to address each patient's unique needs.

Patient transfer on ECMO

Ashoka Rescue Medical Transport (ARMT) specializes in the transportation of critically unstable patients requiring simultaneous respiratory and circulatory support through Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) technology. ECMO serves as an external artificial heart and lung system, maintaining the patient's blood circulation outside the body.

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Neonate Medical Transportation

The Ashoka Rescue Medical Transports team specializes in the transportation of neonate patients on a national and international scale, utilizing various means such as air ambulance, commercial stretcher, train ambulance, and ground ambulance.

Paediatric Medical Transport

Ashoka Rescue Medical Transports offers comprehensive transportation services for paediatric patients through various means such as air ambulance, commercial stretcher, train ambulance, road ambulance, both domestically and internationally.

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Transporting Kidney Failure Patients

Ashoka Rescue Medical Transports specializes in transporting patients with kidney failure, necessitating dialysis or kidney transplants, including those undergoing peritoneal dialysis (PD), for long-distance travel.

Transporting Critical Patients with Advanced Life-Saving Equipment

Ashoka Rescue Medical Transports specialize in the transportation of critically ill patients with compromised vital hemodynamic parameters. 

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