Available 24/7 for international and medical flights


Charter air ambulance services provide critical medical transportation for patients who require immediate medical transportation on a chartered plane for domestic and international travel. These services typically involve a dedicated team, including doctors, nurses, and paramedics, who accompany the patient throughout their journey to ensure their safety and medical care on board.

Ashoka Rescue offers a range of aircraft options including C90, B200, Plautus and Jet Citation, depending on the distance to be traveled, and the budget one can choose from the variety of options available. 

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  • 24*7 Available

Providing Emergency Medical Transportation Via Aircraft For Critically Ill Or Injured Patients.

  • Emergency Response

    Responding to medical emergencies and transporting patients from accident scenes or remote locations to hospitals.

  • Inter-facility Transfers

    Transporting patients between medical facilities, such as from a smaller hospital to a specialized treatment center.

  • Long-Distance Transports

    Transporting patients over long distances, including international flights for medical repatriation.