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Ashoka Rescue Medical Transports specializes in facilitating medical tourism for patients seeking major medical procedures in India. Our services cater to patients traveling for critical surgeries and treatments such as lung transplants, liver transplants, kidney transplants, cancer treatments, and joint replacements. We ensure that patients receive care at the best hospitals under the supervision of top consultants and specialists.

Medical Tourism Refers To The Practice Of Traveling To Another Country To Receive Medical Treatment. Here's An Overview Of What Medical Tourism Typically Involves:

  • Specialized Surgeries

    1.) Cardiac Surgery
    2.) Orthopedic Surgery
    3.) Bariatric Surgery

  • Critical Treatments

    1.) Cancer Treatment: Access to leading oncologists and advanced treatment protocols.
    2.) Organ Transplantation: Expert care in lung, liver, and kidney transplants.
    3.) Joint Replacement: Cutting-edge techniques for hip, knee, and other joint replacements.

  • Wellness and Preventive Care

    1.) Comprehensive health check-ups
    2.) Preventive treatments

  • Cost Savings

    One of the primary motivations for medical tourism is cost savings. In many cases, medical treatments abroad can be significantly cheaper than in the patient's home country, even when factoring in travel expenses.

  • Logistics & Support Services

    Medical tourism providers and facilitators assist patients with travel arrangements, including transportation, accommodation, visa assistance, and language interpretation services.

  • Post-Treatment Care

    Medical tourism providers may offer post-treatment support, including remote consultations with healthcare providers, coordination of follow-up appointments, and assistance with medical records and prescriptions.