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Ashoka Rescue Medical Transports offers non-emergency ambulance services at international airports worldwide, facilitating the pickup and drop-off of repatriating patients via commercial airlines, including Business class, stretcher, and air ambulance travel options. We adhere to international standards, providing pre-booked services staffed by qualified ambulance professionals, including critical care doctors, respiratory physicians, registered nurses (RN), paramedics, and advanced-level Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) as per the patient's requirements. Through our extensive network of ambulance providers worldwide, we ensure seamless coordination and reliable services.

Ambulance services offer seamless transportations for patients bed to bed.

  • Seamless response

    Our ambulance and partners provide patients with solutions that allow them to seamlessly travel to their destination of care and treatment. Further whether it's curbside or tarmac-side pickup and drop-off, our ambulances are equipped to provide wheelchair assistance at airports and drop-offs.

  • Specialized Ambulance

    Ashoka Rescue Ambulance maintains certification in Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), and Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS), ensuring the highest level of care for our patients.

  • Transportation Bed to bed

    If you are traveling by commercial stretcher or Business class assistance our ambulances are there to provide transportations assistance bed to bed through the travel.

  • Medical Consultation:

    We coordinate with your healthcare providers to understand your medical needs and ensure all necessary arrangements are made


Our services encompass the pickup and drop-off of patients and medical assistance personnel, including doctors, paramedics, and RNs, at airports. Our dedicated ambulance crew members facilitate the transportation of medical personnel to and from airports, ensuring a smooth handover process and proceeding to the designated destination. Rest assured, Ashoka Rescue Ambulances makes sure to maintain the highest level of care and safety for our patients throughout their journey. 

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Premium medical facilities typically employ highly skilled and experienced medical professionals, including board-certified physicians, surgeons, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals. These professionals often have specialized training and expertise in their respective fields.

  • Luxurious Amenities
  • Concierge Services
  • Personalised Care
  • Specialized Medical Services